Setup SMTP (email) Alarms for the SB2+


These are directions for setting up SMTP Email Alarms.


When an email gets sent, there has to be a way to get it to the user.  This method is a SMTP server, this server knows how to resolve an email address to the proper location.  For instance, when an SMTP server sees a message for, it knows where the Gmail server is and sends it along.  Since the SB2+ does not have a SMTP server on it to route email through, so it has to be told which server is going to send the message. This can be a server on your corporate network, or it can be server outside your network as long as the SB2+ is configured to know how to access resources external to your network.

If you are using a SMTP server external to your network, the gateway in the Network Settings needs to be set properly so that it can access resources outside your network. This can be done either by manually entering the settings or by using the Automatic Configuration.

Note On Server Name

If you are using a SMTP server name rather than IP address (i.e.,, you MUST have the Nameserver filled in correctly in the Network settings.

Configuring the SMTP Server

  1. Login and go to the Alarm Configuration Page
  2. Enter the following information.
    1. Server Address: This is the address of the SMTP server used to send email messages.
    2. Server Port: This it the port to connect to the server.
    3. Server Username: This is the username to log on to the server to send messages.
    4. Server Password: This is the password associated with the server username.
  3. Enter the addresses which email will be sent to.  
    1. If more than one address is desired, click the 'Add Email' button.
  4. Click Save


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