What are the differences between the 5010, 5010B and 5010T DPS sensors?



The 5010 is the first generation of the DPS (Directional Power Sensor) family of sensors.  It uses APM/DPM elements only for forward and reflected power measurements.

The 5010B is the next generation of DPS sensor.  It is the same form and fit as the original 5010, but it has the additional option to use Model 43 elements.  When using the 5010B sensor, the user must select which type of elements are being used, APM/DPM or 43.  APM/DPM elements are used for True Average power readings and Model 43 elements are used for peak power readings.

The 5010T DPS sensor only uses APM/DPM elements and only measures True Average Power.

When selecting elements for any of the above sensors, they must be from the same series and the reflected element is 1/10 the value of the forward element.

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