Antenna Alarm is in an Alarm State. What to do.


Things to check:

  1. Verify that the Remote Antenna Line Sensor (TXR-036-2) is installed and is installed correctly.  The male end should be connected to the antenna and the Female end should be oriented towards the BDA. 
  2. If there is any lightning protection installed between the BDA and the Remote Antenna Line Sensor, verify that the arrestor can pass DC voltage.  This is essential for the operation of the Antenna Alarm circuit.
  3. Verify the resistance of the Remote Antenna Line Sensor (TXR-036-2).  When measuring with an Ohm meter, the resistance value will be 5.11 K Ohms.
  4. Verify that a voltage is present at the DL in/UL out port.  The SB2+ will have +5VDC, while other BDA families may read as high as +28VDC.
  5. Check and verify the integrity of the Donor antenna cable run.  


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