Is my Bird product obsolete and what level of technical support can be provided?


Bird Technologies has been designing, manufacturing, and selling RF products such as wattmeters & elements, analyzers, loads, attenuators, and more for over 80 years, and has enjoyed many years of success due in part to an incredibly supportive customer base. From time to time, however, some products can or must be improved upon. To rise to the challenge of meeting today's rapid, ever-changing demands, we must focus on growing and expanding markets. This requires us to devote less time to supporting legacy and discontinued products. 

Below is a series of FAQ's from our Knowledge Base that can help provide some answers to questions you might have about your product. 


How do I determine if my product is discontinued?

Can I still receive support or get repairs on my obsolete product?

Where can I find the manual for an obsolete product?

Where can I find information about legacy products?

Why can't I get a schematic on my discontinued or obsolete product?


If the answers you seek are not found in one of these other articles, please feel free to submit a request to our Applications team at: Submit a request – Bird (

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