Can I use my older 4421 software code to control a new 4421A?

Yes, but there are some details you should be aware of....
First, the 4421A is available with LAN and RS-232 communications options, but not GPIB like the 4421.
Second, the 4421A is configured by default to use its SCPI command set and not the legacy DDC command set used by the older 4421. You can, however, enable the 4421A to operate in legacy mode to accept those legacy DDC commands. You can enable this mode through the settings menu:
Third, the 4421A only accepts a subset of the legacy DDC commands. We chose to streamline what we support after receiving voice of customer (VoC) input from key customers. The commands supported are listed in the table below:
It will be important for you and your team to hold a code review to determine if your test code is impacted by the changes.
If you're interested in using the newer SCPI commands, we have a number of code examples on our Bird GitHub repository that you might be interested in:
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