My SiteHawk, shows "connecting" and will not get past this screen.


The connecting message is referring to an internal connection to the RF module. When the device gets stuck on a connecting screen it is because the device cannot connect to the internal RF module. This can happen if the USBC port is being used, so insure there is nothing plugged into the USBC port when opening the SiteHawk app. If you are still having issues, there could be something wrong with the firmware or an internal hardware malfunction. 

If you are having a firmware issue, reinstalling the firmware will normally fix the issue. If you are not already using the latest firmware, it is a good time to update the firmware to the latest version. The attached instructions below that contain a link to the latest firmware. If that does not work, it is most likely a hardware issue, and the device will need to come back for service. 

To send in the device for repair, you must first fill out an RMA form which can be found by following this link. Returned Materials Authorization Form (RMA) | Bird - The RF Experts ( If you have had the device for less than three years, select warranty under reason for return. If it is an older unit, the form will generate an instant quote. For any questions on the Firmware instillation please reply to this thread and for any questions on the RMA processes, please contact

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