402X Series Sensors FAQs

Can I swap connectors on the input or output of the sensor?
Technically, yes. However, in order to guarantee the high accuracy of the sensors, the connectors should not be removed after calibration. If you need to change the connector, you can send it back to Bird for a connector change and re-calibration.


Is the 1% power accuracy over the full dynamic range of the sensor?
No. The sensor has +/-1% accuracy at the calibration power level and the specified calibrated frequencies. The typical power level used during calibration is 1700 W. The sensor is +/-2% accurate over the rest of the rated frequency and power range.


Do I have to use a 4421 power meter to read my sensor values?
No. You can use the 4421B540-2 and the VPM3 to read the values directly to your PC. You can also use custom code, instead of the VPM3, to extract the data to your own software program.


Can I specify additional calibration point for the sensor?
Yes. You can request additional calibration frequencies to be included in the sensor. The power level used during calibration remains the same since the sensors are designed to be extremely linear over the entire dynamic range.


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