Repair kits for Bird wattmeters


The BirdRF Online Store provides a quick and convenient way to purchase RF Wattmeter Repair Part Kits for the following models:

  • 43 Series, RF Wattmeters
  • 4304A, Fixed RF Wattmeter
  • 4305A, High-Power RF Wattmeter
  • 4308, Cellular Specialist Wattmeter
  • 4314C, PEP RF Wattmeter
  • 4410A, Multipower RF Wattmeter
  • 4431, Variable Tap RF Wattmeter
  • APM-16, Average Reading RF Wattmeter
  • 4391A, RF Power Analyst
  • 4521, Single Meter - Single Element Panel Mount RF Wattmeter
  • 4522, Single Meter - Dual Element Panel Mount RF Wattmeter with Selector Switch
  • 4526, Dual Meter - Dual Element Panel Mount RF Wattmeter
  • 4527, Dual Meter - Dual Element RF Wattmeter with Sampler Port
  • 6810 Series, Rigid Line Wattmeters

Click here for Wattmeter repair kits


Don't forget, Bird Service Center repairs wattmeters. For an estimate to repair your wattmeter, click here:

Bird Service Center

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