SBIII control Panel Java redirect


After logging into the SBIII and attempting to connect to the Control Panel, you are redirected to the Java runtime web page.  This is the result to one of two reasons.  It could be because the Java plugin isn't installed on your PC, or more than likely, it is due to the browser's lack of Java support.  

Many modern browsers, e.g., Chrome, Edge, Firefox, no longer support the Java plugin, thus forwarding the user to the Java webpage.  As a work around, there are a few options.  

  1. Contact Bird Tech support and ask for the "Standalone Control Panel applet".  This tool will allow you to run the Control Panel outside of a browser.
  2. Download a copy of Firefox ESR.  There are still many versions of this browser that still support the Java Plugin, though you may need to research which versions are compatible.  
  3. Use a working copy of Internet Explorer.  IE was the last browser to support the Java plugin.  However, this option has become limited recently since Microsoft has stopped supporting it.
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