CLNA Field Replacement without PAs


After the CLNA is installed, it may take several reboots for it to import the PA calibration data.  The CLNAs typically pick up the cal data on the 2nd or 3rd power cycle.  The uplink is typically imported on the first boot cycle and the downlink cal data is typically imported on the second (often third) power cycle.  Occasionally it does take additional power cycles to get the PA cal data to import.  In some worst case tests, it may take as many as 10 power cycles to get it to import.  Letting the booster sit powered off for at least 30 to 60 sec seems to get it to pick up the cal data more quickly.


A typical sign that the cal data has not taken will be lower than specified gain. In addition, some odd behavior may be noticed.  If this is noticed, perform the rebooting until the PA data is acquired. 


After all steps have been taken, contact Tech Support.

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