Maintenance Tips for Oil-cooled Loads

  • Cleaning - the outside surface of the load should be wiped free of dust and dirt when necessary. Excessive dust on the cooling fins will interfere with heat dissipation. Clean the RF connector, both metallic and insulating surfaces, with a dry, non-residue forming solvent.
  • Inspection - inspect the unit every six months. Check for coolant leakage and corrosion around the clamping band and the thermoswitch (if supplied).
  • RF Assembly Resistance Test - accurate measurement of the DC resistance between the inner and outer conductors of the RF input connector will provide a good check of the condition of the load resistor. See manual for instructions.
  • Coolant Level - lifetime will vary greatly depending on operating conditions. For heavy use (full RF power for long times, high ambient temperature), check the coolant every 500 hours. If the load has only had light duty (fraction of full power, low ambient temperature), then coolant inspection may only be necessary every 2,000 hours. See manual for instructions on checking and/or adding coolant.

Manuals can be found at RF Terminations

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